Not Safe For Work Ch. 09

The following chapter involves a threesome with BDSM elements. All of the scenes are consensual.

* * * * *

The rest of the weekend remained uninteresting. And when Monday came, it was back to our routine of waking up, working and sleeping. But this time, we went to the office prepared. Zoey and I had to control our urges and figure out whom the hell were the ones snapping photos of us having sex, but that is just easier said than done. And, since I occupy a position of leadership, I was called in to the weekly meeting we have after the weekend.

The atmosphere on the conference room was quite heavy. There were lots of rumors about employees using the facilities to indulge in their carnal desires. The Chief Human Resources Officer confirmed the rumors, and was adamant on her mission to stop that kind of behavior. She did have a fun time giving her angry speech, reciting the codes of ethics of the company and repeating that this behavior isn't tolerated within the facilities. She had the looks of an actress, but with that black business suit all officers have to wear, she looks more like a villain from a dystopian film than a corporate drone. It doesn't help that she's nearing her 50s and doesn't look a couple of years older than me.

I got out of that reunion very afraid, and maybe tired, or disgusted. It's hard to put a feeling onto it. Writing out memos and passing them out through an intern didn't; they were about this incident after all...

Honestly, I shouldn't be worried if we were the only ones. However, I can only speak for Zoey and me: we're both just perverts... perverts who use the facilities to work at their night job.

"That only makes me feel more disgusted," I whispered out loud when I thought about it for the millionth time today. "Then again, is there a way to measure how perverted is someone?"

"I'm not sure... maybe if you untie me I'll look it up."

I grunted and pressed my heel on her cheek. She moaned instantly.

"You are supposed to remain quiet and worship my shoes!" I shouted. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, boss," nodded Zoey.

"Good," I smiled as I allowed her to kiss my platforms.

She got into this sorry state shortly after the memos were delivered. She came into my office asking about it, but I told her it was time for paying back what she did to me on Saturday. I got her naked, stuck a vibrating buttplug onto her ass, and tied her up, forcing her to do nothing but worship my heels and legs. And she did it so well it got me to the point in which I couldn't hide my boner anymore. Whenever I looked down, I always caught her looking at my cock making a tent under my skirt. She always pretended to be looking elsewhere.

"Jesus, can't you look at something else?" I spat, touching her face with my shoes.

She kissed them again, but wouldn't stop staring at my cock.

Then, someone knocked on my door. We both went from horny into a blank state in one instant. Understandably, the photograph fiasco put us on edge, and right now, my boner isn't going away.

"It's open, come in," I said, rolling the chair to hide my boner, as Zoey tucked herself below the desk.

Then, when she showed up on the door frame, I gasped. She was a blonde woman, reaching her 50s, wearing a dark business suit and having her hair done in a tight bun, making her squared face to stand out. In comparison with only a projector as a light source, she looked way more like a tyrant underneath actual light. And that chiseled face of hers, didn't help.

"Chief Law!" I gasped.

"May I come in? I need to talk to you."

I felt as if every single muscle of both my body and Zoey's tightened up. I was afraid to try and look down on her.

"Yes, of course! Here! Have a seat," I blabbed, pointing at one of the chairs in front of me. "I'm sorry; I'm actually in the middle of something right now."

"This won't take much time," she smiled.

Her full name was Rebecca Law, and just early this morning, she was talking about people having sex within the facilities. There was no rookie or intern in this office who was immediately shut down whenever they commented on how good her body looked on that tight uniform. She might be an eye candy, but any word coming from her mouth is the law. Hence she is the officer.

Though I was starting to get soft, seeing her legs crossed after she sat down made me blush slightly. I caught a glimpse of her garters too. Zoey may have noticed her silk stockings trying to look under the small space below the wooden wall. She always loved Law's deep voice, almost as much as mine.

"You remember what I said this morning, right?" she asked, with the same tone of a femme fatale chain smoker.

"You said something about people fraternizing."

She giggled.

"Almost. The company is not really against fraternization between employees, as you know already. It's all about showing public displays of affection on the job, regardless whether it is within the facilities or in its surroundings."

"When you put it like that, it sounds vague."

"Of course, but then again, this very same company is ok with its employees to dress... rather unprofessionally on every Friday, as you and Zoey have demonstrated."

"Don't take this the wrong way, boss, but I don't see the point of you being here," I sighed.

She went inside her blazer and grabbed an envelope that she slid on top of the table. There was that look again, the one of the chain smoker femme fatale.

"Open it."

I raised my eyebrow and obeyed her request. Then, the other eyebrow joined. My desires to be here died just like my boner did after seeing the photo. Whoever did this on Friday wasn't blackmailing us at all. Instead, they just snitched us directly to the HR department.

"It's not a very flattering shot," said Law right when I was feeling my soul being chewed up by her. "I can't see what you two are doing, but don't you worry about it too much, Nina. I've been discreet enough to not make a huge scandal about this. You two are safe.

"Are we, really?" I whimpered. "What stops you from using this against us later?"

"Nina? What's going on?"

My boss let out a small giggle.

"I guess that's Zoey underneath, isn't she?" she grinned.

"Boss, no offense, but fuck yourself," I grunted.

"Hey, I told you, you two are safe. Seriously. You may think this company is the ultimate paragon of morality, but that's just the image the owners and the CEO want to put."

We remained silent. I stood up, with my cock clearly visible underneath my skirt and helped Zoey to stand up. I untied her wrists and removed the buttplug from her ass. She was completely naked, though, and she also was as ashamed as I was. Having Rebecca Law telling all of this felt like our mothers grounding us, even when it wasn't the case.

"This started just for fun... right?" said Rebecca, staring at us. "Then, it became a side hustle. 'NOT SAFE FOR WORK' is quite a name for brand. It's alright, though. I'm in no position to judge."

"Why?" asked Zoey.

She chuckled and looked for her phone. After playing with it for a little, she then gave it to us. On screen, there was a picture of a transgender woman with blonde hair wearing nothing but an open catsuit that revealed her impressive breasts and her hard cock. Signed on it, at the bottom left corner, it said "Dame of the Law." It also had a gavel shaped as a penis.

"Me being here to tell you that you two are alright is something that I'm doing as your boss," she said. "However, as a sex colleague, I'll confirm that you two weren't the only ones who got a picture. Whoever did this to you, they also did it to me. And I'm being blackmailed. I must fire everyone, or they'll snitch me with the CEO. Don't worry about it; I have my resources. For now, I have a business proposition for both of you."

Zoey and I looked at each other again, and we nodded. She sat on top of the desk and crossed her legs. I saw Rebecca's eyes going for Zoey's breasts first, before making eye contact with me.

"We're listening," said my partner.

Rebecca told us that she does nothing but sell photos of herself in her dominant attitude, never showing her face. However, her voice showed up several times on video. Most of them are jerk off instructions and erotic ASMR. Her following was slightly bigger than ours, and since her divorce, she's been looking to do a film with someone else. It seems that we were the first on the list.

"Here's the deal:" she said, pointing at me. "You're going to get fucked." Then, she pointed at Zoey. "And you are going to watch."

Zoey and I looked at each other, once again. She bit her lip and nodded. There's no point on denying it: we both had fantasies with Rebecca ever since we sat a foot in this company, just like everyone else. However, neither of us expected for her that she also had a penis, like me. In all fairness, though, only Zoey knew that I was a t-girl. Or at least she was. Rebecca and her blackmailer also know.

"So, what do you say?"

I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to her as an answer.


"Surprised, boss?" I giggled, taking off my bra and throwing it at her too. "We mostly film here, after all."

Zoey went to look for our filming equipment as I got up and fell into Rebecca's charms. Her lips were trembling in complete surprise, so she pushed me away for a second. Without saying a word, she stood up and left an SD card on top of my desk. I looked at it for a second before her lips met mine again. She hugged me tight, pressing her body against mine, playing with her tongue down my throat.

A dream fulfilled, I started to get turned on when Zoey told us the gear was ready. Rebecca ordered me to remove the rest of my clothing, but the heels. She approached Zoey as I finished undressing, kissing her like she did with me, guiding her towards a chair in which she sat. Then, she tied her up with the ropes that Zoey brought out of the desk drawer that I always kept locked.

"You two wear masks," she said. "Where are them?"

Both were on top of the desk, as we both planned to use them at lunchtime. Whereas Zoey's mask made her look like a superhero from a comic book, mine was a simple black facemask with a golden zipper around the mouth. While I put it on, I felt a couple of hands going between my legs. I sighed when I saw that I got caged again.

"This is my show now," said Rebecca.

I helped her undress slowly, admiring her soft skin and impressive breasts. She unzipped my mask and allowed me to suck them while she brought down her panties. Her cock was slowly growing, rubbing against mine.

"Better than in pictures, isn't it?"

All I could do was keep sucking her tits, as she got fully hard while caressing my hair. Her moans were soft, like a whisper one would let out in the middle of a massage.

She zipped my mask, took my hand and placed me next to Zoey, but I remained untied. We looked at each other with our eyebrows raised as she went for the tripod and placed it in front of us. Rebecca removed the SD card from the camera and switched it with hers, while she looked for something on her phone. She showed us a frozen snap of the blowjob video we filmed on Friday. Then, she started filming.

It started with her showing the 30 seconds teaser we uploaded to Twitter. When it ended, she put the phone down, so we were in shot. She then started telling how she was actually our boss, and found us doing something we're not supposed to while at work, calling us by different names. I was the one who got the worst. The first thing she did was slapping me repeatedly before switching to my ass.

"I sure know how to hire them," she sighed. "But it's alright. That cock isn't going to get any hole on my watch. Now, you'll see what you did to this poor girl. Get on your knees, bitch!"

There it was again, the tyrant attitude she has. I got afraid, but also got excited that I was going to please her cock. Yet I felt bad for Zoey too. Listening to her voice was enough for me to know that she suffered from this denial. But it wasn't only her mouth asking for something to suck.

"Oh, no, you had enough," shouted Rebecca. "I'll deal with you another time."

She went back to the desk and grabbed her phone to film a POV shot of me. With one quick stroke, she unzipped my mask again, and she smacked my face with her penis. I got called a slut for kissing it, and got more smacks, but I couldn't resist. Her cock was the same size as mine, but it was way thicker and cut. The veins looked so good that I just licked them by pure instinct and desire. Zoey kept begging to suck it too, but she got denied.

Both of us ignored her. It was clear that her not getting anything was part of the show. Rebecca called her names whenever she heard her begging, teasing her and laughing. She did know how to use her voice; that's for certain. And as I tasted her cock, and felt her hand brushing my hair, I wondered if she always worked as a dominatrix. No surprise that she is the Chief Human Resources Officer.

However, there was Zoey's denial that I was afraid of too. Her suffering is something that I was going to pay later today, somehow. If it kept going, I'd be dried up by the evening. Nevertheless, I forgot about everything. Rebecca's cock was the only thing I had in my head. Who would have thought that the lady everyone in this place lusts for turned out to be like me? Let alone, have a huge and tasty piece of equipment...

Being the center of attention right now made me feel like a goddess, even when I was worshipping one. Even Zoey wanted this cock, and I got to be the first on camera to have it down my throat. I couldn't believe it. Even if my dick was hurting trying to get hard, I loved blowing her, so much so that my ass started to crave for a pounding. I wanted this cock, but I wasn't sure if I could take something this thick.

Eventually, there were buckets of spit everywhere. I had tears running down my face, ruining my makeup and staining my body. And my throat was aching like hell. But Rebecca wouldn't stop moaning from pleasure. When she pulled out, I took a break. She moved around the camera to a better place. She instructed me to get on fours, so I obeyed. The fun part is that my face was right in front of Zoey's gorgeous cunt. And she was really wet.

Boss started filming again, and I prepared myself for her cock to be inside me once I felt her hands grabbing my buttcheeks. I stuck out my tongue and went for Zoey's pussy. She let out a loud moan of relief, one that sounded more like gratitude rather than pleasure. Then, I felt a tongue all over my asshole.

Zoey twitched on her bindings when I moaned. It was a futile attempt of holding my head. She didn't want me to stop, and I didn't want to stop. Finally, she was allowed to have some pleasure, and neither wouldn't let go.

I got spanked at random, and Rebecca's licking stopped. Next, I felt her head poking my hole, giving me a small scare. For doing that, I earned another spank while she slowly got her prick inside. I moaned loud enough to be heard outside, and my legs fell as if they were about to fall apart. If this was a punishment for breaking the rules, then karma always gets me, and I should've known better. But, she broke the rules too. Who gets to punish her?

Nobody, most likely... She was the boss, after all. Maybe she was actually a goddess, so she's immune to punishment.

"Oh my god, this ass is so tight!" she commented, as I kept moaning. "How is it that you don't use it much?"

Zoey wanted to say something, but it ended up drowning in her moaning. Me, I couldn't talk. With my tongue on her juicy snatch and my moans drowning every word I try to say, there was no way I could tell her that I like to feel pain on anal, just like I enjoy inflicting it. Instead, I shut up and took it like a pro.

In the end, my ass started to give in, so Rebecca could slide in easier. At that point, Zoey cried, protesting the fact that boss pulled my hair, stopping me from licking her more. She went faster, and got more violent. I couldn't control myself anymore. My mind blanked out, and the only thing I wanted was just more and more.

Two fingers went into my mouth as she kept thrusting. Her moans got louder, and before I knew it, she was pile diving me to the ground, pressing her body against mine.

"This is my ass now," she told me, and then bit my ear. Our moans started to synchronize, and after a couple of minutes more, we reached our climax at the same time. My swollen cock was leaking through the cage, and hers filled my hole completely with her juices. She didn't pull out until she was fully limp. She kissed me before doing so.

I was still shivering, and unable to stand up. All I could remember next was some mumbling, and the doors being closed. Some hands turned me around, and my vision was completely blurred. I felt a face staring at me for a while, before I Could make out that it was Zoey, looking at me concerned.

"Honey, are you alright?"

I took a deep breath and nodded.

"Yeah. I'm ok. I just wasn't fucked this hard before."

Indeed, it was a first for me. My ass felt as if I stretched it wide, with a pretty evident gape that was inviting for more. Zoey released my cock from its cage and then she kissed me while I cooled down. The filming was over, and I don't know when it happened.

Rebecca did leave a message, though: next time, it was our turn to take the lead. But right now, I didn't want to think about sex. It was almost lunch time, and all I wanted was something nice and relaxing.";u=1512557


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